Team Somerset Bonus Programs 2015

  1. Enter 1 point for a start and 1 point for a finish.
  2. Enter 5 points for a win.
  3. Enter 2 points for placing - 2nd thru # prize places in the race.
  4. Double race points (2X) for championship events, all Cat 1-2-3, Cat 2-3, and women's open races
  5. Triple (3X) for pro, 1, 2 races.
  6. For stage races enter the individual stage results and GC.
  7. For track programs enter 1 point for start and 1 point for finish for the race program. Enter place points for each race on the program.
  8. "Other" - Enter 5 points for a category upgrade.
                 Enter 1 point for meeting attendance.
                 Enter 20 points for promoting a USAC permitted race for the team.
                 Enter 3 point each time you assist with a team program/team promotion
  9. Entry fee - This will be used to provide additional partial reimbursement if there are funds available at the end of the year.
  10. Travel - List one-way miles driven or air travel. Indicate if flight was one-way or round trip.
  11. Hotel - Put number of nights REQUIRED by the competition.
  12. Total points - 10 / 1 way air travel, 1 / 100mi. driven, 1 / each night necessary hotel stay.
  13. Partial reimbursement for travel and entry fees while representing the team at events is paid at the end of the year.
Note: Partial travel and entry fee reimbursement is a privilege that Team Somerset may or may not be able to provide, depending on funds available. It is neither a right of membership, nor a promise of any monetary return.