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Team Somerset News - Guidelines and Rules

  1. To send: put this in your email To: address window (or members just click on the link)
    TS-members@SomersetWheelmen.org (all members including juniors).
    Official Team Somerset e-mail will have the subject prefixed with
    TeamSomersetNews: when received. You do not need to add it.
  2. The Team Somerset e-Mail system is for the exchange of cycling-related information that is of general interest to club members. Share your rides.
  3. Use the "reply all" button with extreme caution. When replying to TeamSomersetNews, it is usually not necessary to share your reply with the entire club. You can reply to the sender only by using the "reply" button.
  4. There is a size limit for TeamSomersetNews messages and attachments. Photographs, spreadsheets, graphics and documents more than one or two pages long may exceed this limit. Please send links to photos and articles. If you need to send something that is over the limit, please contact an administrator. (Limit: 4Mbytes)
  5. Trouble Shooting: My TeamSomersetNews is not working. Occasionally your ISP / email provider will block mass mailings.

    How do I fix it: There are few steps involved. You needed to remove the senders address as well as the TeamSomersetNews from the blocked list (Black list). You need to then add ts-members@somersetwheelmen.org
    to thefriends/allow list (White list). You may need to add some of the blocked senders to the friends list also. Most email programs use logic for analysis. The address is checked against the lists so that the known alloweds are released. Then they are checked against the blocked list. The messages can be directed where to be placed in some filtering system. Smaller ISP/e-mail providers may not have the same system as Comcast, Yahoo, AOL et al.

    Forwarded messages will have attachments removed. Copy and paste, and send as a new message.

  6. Recipient Limit: The "MailMan" program will not accept your message to distribute if there are additional recipients on the To:, Cc: or Bcc: line. To send to those not on the TeamSomersetNews mailing list, please send a sepatate e-mail.

  7. Subscribe or Remove or learn more via the web visit these pages for
    TS-members WebPage